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Sweet Gourmet Tyler Texas

Jalapeno Jack Recipe Pasta Kit

Jalapeno Jack Recipe Pasta Kit

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Wind and Willow Jalapeño Jack cheeseball mix  $7.99
1.2 oz

Add 8 oz cream cheese. (not included) Roll in topping (included).
Mellow Monterrey Jack cheese with just the right blend of jalapenos and southwest spices.

Montebello Fusilli  $7.99

Named for the Italian word fuso, or “spindle,” fusilli pasta was traditionally made by rolling thin strips of dough around a small rod to create a corkscrew shape. Our organic fusilli are made using durum wheat semolina organically grown on a small cooperative of family farms in the rolling hills overlooking the Adriatic Sea. Fusilli pasta is especially good at holding onto sauces like pesto and tomato and is an ideal choice for using in pasta salads.

Tastes of the Southwest Sweet Hot Jalapeños $9.99

Texas favorite sizzling jalapeño peppers are made sweet. Versatile fiery favorite. An ultimate appetizer served with cream cheese and perfect topping for any dish. Warning – they are habit forming!

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