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Sweet Gourmet Tyler Texas

Texas Honey, Maldon Sea Salt, Mexican Vanilla & Droste Cocoa

Texas Honey, Maldon Sea Salt, Mexican Vanilla & Droste Cocoa

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Texas Honey 2lb
Experience the rich flavors of Texas Honey, sourced from the vibrant wildflowers of the Lone Star State. This pure, unfiltered honey captures the essence of Texas in every spoonful, perfect for drizzling on pancakes or adding sweetness to your favorite recipes.

Maldon Sea Salt 1/3lb
Elevate your dishes with the exquisite Maldon Sea Salt. Handcrafted on the shores of England, this renowned sea salt adds a delightful crunch and unparalleled flavor to any culinary creation.

Mexican Vanilla 250ml
Indulge in the authentic taste of Mexican Vanilla. With its aromatic and sweet notes, this premium vanilla extract enhances baked goods, desserts, and beverages, adding a touch of luxury to your kitchen.

Droste Cocoa 8.8oz
Discover the velvety richness of Droste Cocoa. Made with the finest cocoa beans, this Dutch-processed cocoa powder creates decadent and satisfying hot chocolates, desserts, and baked treats.


These are used together in our Cottage Cheese Ice Cream

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